Ben Carson offers to perform “much needed” brain surgery on Maxine Waters

The only similarities between Republican Ben Carson and Democrat Maxine Waters are that the two are prominent African-American political leaders. Aside from this, the two couldn’t be any more different.

For the most part, Ben Carson tries his best to ignore Waters as best as he can, despite her relentless attacks against the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

In June, Mad Maxine barked and threatened the brain surgeon that if he should go before the House Committee on Financial Service, she’ll “take him apart.” Days after her rant she also stated that she would like to “take his ass apart.”

Mad Maxine seems to be delusional to think that she has the brain capacity to take on a renowned brain surgeon like Doctor Ben Carson.

Even Doctor Ben Carson is a little worried about Mad Maxine and her current state-of-mind. In response to her tirade, Carson offered “one of the most corrupt members of Congress” a helping hand by saying, “Maxine isn’t taking me apart anytime soon. However, my services are always available to her for a much needed brain evaluation.”

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