BREAKING: He Just Called For Trump’s Life And Proved He’s Prepared To Kill Him – Won’t Stop! [VIDEO]

The situation in our country has gotten extremely heated after President Trump publicly announced that he intends to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. In fact, numerous Muslims across the U.S. issued several violent threats aimed at the Trump administration.

And it seems that they were not bluffing. Just a day after the Muslim Brotherhood declared a war on our country, a radical Muslim set off a bomb in New York City, detonating a homemade pipe that was reportedly attached to his own body with velcro and zip ties.

Now, it seems that these Islam-practicing psychopaths claim that they have aimed their focus at President Trump.

Thanks to former President Barack Obama and his Islam-worshiping methods, The Muslim Brotherhood has been able to secretly blend into our society and has stayed hidden among us for almost 30 years now. As a result, they have caused numerous terrorist attacks and have also been engaging in various violent rallies, protests, and so on.

Unfortunately, their violent ways are still alive today. Over the weekend, hundreds of Muslims gathered together on the streets of New York City chanting that the “Army of Mohammad would be “returning.”

One of the Muslim Brotherhood agents, Nidal Sakr, who is currently residing in South Florida, has vowed that it is just a matter of time before President Trump is executed.

Thanks to Frontpage Magazine, we now have access of almost every single threat that Sakr has made against our commander-in-chief. According to them, on October 19th Sakr posted a violent tweet on his official account, saying, “GET RID OF SOB. IMPEACH OR ELSE!!!!!” The next day, Sakr reiterated his threat with even more obscenity. He tweeted, “GET RID OF THE MF. IMPEACH OR ELSE!!!!!”

Ten days later, he issued another tweet in which he called the execution of President Trump: “EXECUTE SOB TRAITOR Donald Trump.” And the same day, he tweeted, “Donald Trump, You Are TOAST… I GUARANTEE IT.”

Sakr posted similar tweets last September as well as July. As our source further reports, on December 6th, he tweeted, “Down with America!!!” On December 5th, he tweeted, “AMERICA MUST PAY FOR ELECTING / NOT SACKING POS SOB Donald Trump.”

That same day, he posted another tweet which read, “ACTION ALERT WORLDWIDE!!! As you protest to shut down US embassies and expel Americans out of your country, Make sure to desecrate & burn a dummy of POS SOB Donald Trump. TEACH THE MF A LESSON!!!!”

This latest information comes shortly after discovering that Trump’s Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Habib Powell was not only Muslim, but also very good friends with both Hillary Clinton and Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s former Iranian Muslim Brotherhood advisor. After discovering that she was responsible for the countless leaks coming from the White House, President Trump immediately fired Powell.

It is time to wake up people! These threats must not be taken as a joke. They are real! President Trump’s life might be in danger. It is up to us to step up, and show him that we are ready to fight by his side! Fight for our leader!

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